Hold It All Inc.

Hold it All Inc. (Hold it All) is the holding company for the personal and business interests and activities of Chip Wilson. It is a place where the diverse assets in this portfolio can grow into the best versions of themselves, balancing stable performance and bold ideas.

Each individual business has its own management structure, typically with a president and management team reporting to Hold it All and sharing common administrative and professional services.

The business and operating units within Hold it All are also bound together by Chip Wilson’s dynamic curiosity and eclectic interests. Each reflects an aspect of his personal vision, values and passions.

These passions have framed the choice of holdings as well as management’s approach to their stewardship. Hold it All businesses are nurtured and supported by long-term capital and a commitment to “get it right.” They are held to a high standard of performance, governance, financial return and accountability.


Time is a non-renewable resource, so every moment matters. Commuting, creating, pushing, pausing, sweating and achieving. You don’t slow down from 6AM to 10PM and you need clothing that can keep up.

Kit and Ace is an innovative technical apparel brand revolutionizing how we think about clothing. Based in Vancouver, Kit and Ace takes the design principles of athletic apparel and through technical fabrics, properties, and functions applies them to clothing for real life (outside the gym).

Kit and Ace was created for people who love to move and understand how technical clothing should perform, people who are spoiled by the comfort and movement of athletic apparel and find it hard to wear anything else.

Technical design is in our blood. But we don't look to what has been done before. We are always pushing boundaries to discover what is next. We are a team of designers, engineers and scientists committed to meticulous research, testing and iteration.


Low Tide Properties (LTP) is a Vancouver-based real estate investment company with a growing portfolio of properties and management services. Its asset mix reflects a unique understanding of markets, cultures and business environments. LTP has the vision, resources and expertise to assemble a portfolio in excess of $1 billion.


Whil offers mindfulness for the modern age. A leading online application that delivers digital mindfulness programs for businesses and consumers and personalized, on-demand mind and body training programs to help people live healthier, happier, more engaged lives. Designed and developed in San Francisco, Whil curates content that benefits individual consumers and workplace teams, and delivers it online, on a desktop or on-the-go with a mobile app. Hold it All is the lead investor in Whil Concepts, Inc., following Chip and Shannon Wilson's long-term interest in mindfulness and meditation. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


RIDE is a growing chain of innovative spin studios challenging the status quo of indoor cycling. It is a full-body workout designed to reboot and strengthen your mind and body. RIDE combines an intense cardio sweat, micro bike movements and full body toning reinforced by the authority of music.

At the end of each RIDE —when minds are free and adrenaline is flowing—Whil is used to empower the progress of the body and the mind.

Own the bike. Ride.



Hold it All is constantly identifying like-minded business opportunities to add to its suite of enterprises. It provides the overarching vision and values, management expertise and long-term capital that allows these assets to realize their full potential and value. The Collective businesses are primarily focused on innovative and performance-based apparel. They range from ambitious start-ups to scale-up acquisitions to strategic partnerships.


imagine1day has a committed mandate to achieve access to quality education for every Ethiopian child without foreign aid by the year 2030. Founded by Chip and Shannon Wilson, the not-for-profit organization supports Ethiopia’s commitment to use education to emerge as a global leader. In July 2017, Imagine1day joined forces with Canadian non-profit WE charity. The two organizations will be working together to grow the impact in Ethiopia, support sustainable development in East Africa, and provide efficient shared governance, management, and operations.


Snow Cap Equities

Hold it All maintains significant assets in several focused equity portfolios. They are operated by global experts, international researchers, analysts and managers. Snow Cap Equities accepts no solicitations.